Danny Leon, Ryan Sheckler, Zion Wright and Alex Sorgente shred the unimaginable in Asturias in honour of World Wind Day

June 20, 2017


In honour of world wind day 2017, EXTREME rider Danny Leon, along with pro skaters Ryan Sheckler, Zion Wright and Alex Sorgente were given a once in a lifetime opportunity to use a wind turbine factory in Asturias, Spain as an interchangeable playground, in a spirited celebration of the quickly advancing world of wind power production.


From terrifying drops, to tunnel gaps and makeshift boxes, the four skaters performed jaw-dropping tricks leaving factory workers in awe of both their skill and nerve. Who says renewable energy isn’t exciting?


The rust ridden razor sharp edges of metal sheets, and flying sparks from welders were not enough to stop the four expert skaters creating savage lines and brings every skaters imagination to life.  
‘”We’ve turned this factory into our own personal skate park, we were like little kids in a Candy Shop” - Ryan Sheckler
From sheet metal to wind turbines, the guys skated a journey through the fabrication and assembly process of building a wind turbine. If you had ever wondered how they build such enormous structures, now you know. If only they used videos like this as a way of teaching in school!


The inside of the turbine proved to be the perfect feature for Danny Leon to show off his transition skills, and brought his dream to life, leaving fellow skaters jealous and no doubt eager to skate the insides of a wind turbines.
Thank you Danny for giving us some insight into your imagination and letting us all see this incredible edit. We can’t wait for the photo album to follow.
Link to the video and photos: https://www.redbull.com/es-es/video-skate-molinos-viento-asturias-fabrica-interior
Photographer – Sebas Romero


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